Wireless Internet

wired internet networks
 Wired Internet Networks

A wired network is the best way to join two or more computers to each other and/or the internet, wireless is another option but wired is far more reliable.

If at all possible we prefer to install networks with cables instead of wireless. The reliability is far greater and the amount of call outs for problems after installation is almost none!

We can install cabling and setup wired networks from two computers to two hundred or more. Internet to all computers and file and printer sharing.

Router setup and security.

Whatever your network needs – we have a simple solution.

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wireless internet networks
 Wireless Networks, Internet & Routers

Wireless network problems! Wireless network disconnecting!
Wireless network won’t connect! Wireless signal low!
Wireless connection no signal! Wireless signal not found!
How annoying this is but how do we solve this problem?

1. Make sure the wireless router is placed away from anything else electrical.

2. Wireless routers ideally should be placed up high on a shelf in the hallway allowing the signal to spread about.

3. Wireless routers will not work well behind the tv on the floor!

4. Choose the best wireless channel. If you have other wireless users near you, don’t use the same channel as them.

5. Make sure the drivers for your wireless adapter are up to date!

If you are still having wireless connection problems, give us a call. We may be able to offer you a simple solution over the telephone, otherwise we can pop round and take care of all the problems for you.

In a lot of situations, a wireless network can work well but a wired network is always preferred. If a wired network is out of the question and you need to go wireless, we will have you up and running in no time.

After all our wireless installations, we always perform a wireless security check – Never leave your wireless network unsecured – don’t be tempted to let your router work without wireless security – someone WILL hack into it before too long.

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