Virus Removal

Computer & Laptop Virus Removal Kent
 Virus removal and anti-virus

What is a virus?
A little program designed to infect and modify legitimate programs to cause problems to the user. Great hey!

How do viruses spread?
Through the internet, over a network or by cd’s, floppy disks or removable drives.

How do I protect against viruses?
With an anti virus program that is updated regularly and that is used often to scan your whole hard drive.

My PC has a virus but I can’t remove it.
No matter how good your anti virus program is, sometimes a virus gets through and some of these viruses can be very hard to remove.

Free programs such as avast anti-virus and AVG anti-virus are available for download and will cost you nothing, these free programs have always been quite effective in keeping viruses etc. away.

Due to the complexity of a lot of the most recent viruses and spyware we now recommend “paid for” anti-virus programs instead of the free alternatives.

We recommend Trend Micro for Internet security (anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-adware and firewall) we have found over the years that Trend Micro Internet security products are more effective than any other software manufacturer and less demanding on resources. (Trend Micro doesn’t slow down your computer down as much).

Here in Kent, we can remove any virus from your computer and also correct the damage that has been caused.

Call us today and book an appointment – problem solved!

 Spyware removal & prevention

What is spyware?
Spyware is a program designed to spy on you and steal your information.

How do I get spyware?
Spyware is downloaded to your computer from the internet.

How do I protect against spyware?
As with viruses you need a similar program to keep the spyware away but you also need an understanding of how to keep your system safe and secure. A properly configured firewall is one step towards this but various settings within Windows need to be looked at.

Book an appointment today with one of our technicians, let us give your computer a scan for spyware and get it secured.

Don’t run the risk of giving away your bank details or personal and confidential information – don’t take that chance!

 Adware removal & prevention

Adware removal from your computer system!

What is adware?


Adware is just as destructive and as hard for the average user to get rid of as spyware and viruses. One popup after the other trying to sell you something, quite often it also installs a little program telling you that you are infected with many viruses and spyware and it tells you to download their “anti spyware” to remove it all! Now it can get really bad, this is when it can contact all its other adware and/or spyware friends and invite them to infect your pc too!

How does adware get on my pc?
Over the internet if you are not protected, it’s usually done in quite a clever way by making out it is something useful or something you need – it asks you to download it and even if you click “no” it installs anyway!

Why does adware slow my computer down?
Adware is a small program which is draining on your processor and memory, it only takes 5 or 10 different types of adware etc. to almost bring your computer to a standstill.

How do I keep adware away?
You need a properly configured firewall, anti adware program and a properly set up computer to keep them out – not forgetting to keep Windows up to date!

If you already have no end of popups and other ads appearing on your computer then it’s quite possible that you could do with some professional help. We will remove all adware from your computer and show you how to stay protected from it in the future. We can make most computers free of adware within one hour, unless the computer is really badly infected with multiple infections which will then take longer.

Downloading a couple of programs such as Adaware or Spybot will remove a great deal of adware & spyware from your computer and you may just get your computer back to normal yourself!

Some adware is incredibly tricky to remove because it is re-created as soon as it is deleted and a little professional help is the only way forward – we’ll get it out of your computer in no time and show you how to keep it out for good.

Call us today, get your computer clean & keep it that way!