New Computer Setup

new computer setup
 New computer setup and installed

Have you bought a new computer and would prefer to have it setup professionally?

Maybe you have bought a new computer and are totally lost with all the cables and cd’s – lack of user manuals etc.

Even if you have a fair understanding but know it’s better to get it exactly right from the start and would like a little expert help – you have made the first step to ensure a trouble free and smooth computing experience!

All operating systems that are pre-installed on major brand computers are already out of date when you buy them.

1. All Windows updates need to be installed without delay.
2. Anti-virus software needs to be installed and updated.
3. Anti-spyware needs to be installed and updated.
4. A good firewall needs to be installed and properly configured.
5. Installed software needs to be checked for updates.
6. Any updated drivers need to be installed.

Only then is it ready for a trip on the internet. A knowledge of how to keep your new computer safe and secure is also a must including regular user maintenance, followed by 6 monthly or yearly healthchecks.

Why did you buy a new computer? Because the old one went wrong – don’t let your new computer go bad – get it right first time and learn how to keep it that way!

Is this really necessarry? Yes, but call us anyway to find out more! Advice is free!