Laptop Support

laptop screens
Laptop screens generally replaced the very same day from £65.00

Any laptop, any size we will be able to find and replace your laptop screen. call us today for a free quote.

Laptop screen

Dim screen backlight problems? No problem! It’s a very easy fix and we can generally have the laptop ready the same day.

blue screen errors
Are you getting funny blue screen error messages?

While working on your laptop does it restart and go onto a blue screen? When you start the laptop does it go straight onto a blue screen?

This generally occurs when a hardware or a software device is mis-functioning in some way or it has not been configured correctly.

Bring your laptop down to us and we will resolve the issue and provide guidance on preventing it happening again.

laptop is very slow
 Is your laptop very slow? Does it take an age to load?

Having a slow laptop can be very frustrating, especially when you have loads to get on with.

Bring it down to our office and we will run various diagnostic tests to verify where the problems are coming from.

With our up-to-date tools and software we can generally return your laptop back on the same day

 Do you think you have a virus?

Viruses are very malicious and can cause a lot of damage if you are not protected. They come in different forms and can cause damage to things such as, personal documents, operating system files, re-direction of various Internet pages etc. The list is endless!

If your laptop is infected with viruses then make an appointment to drop it down to our office and workshop in Orpington, Kent. We use specialist anti-virus removal tools to make your system healthy again.

Be protected or get infected!

charging problems
 Charging problems resolved.

Is your laptop losing charging connectivity? Is the charging pin loose at the back of the laptop? When you wiggle the charging pin you get a connection?

Bring the laptop to us or we can come to you and diagnose the problem within minutes! Read More…

laptop overheating
Is your Laptop Overheating?

Laptops overheating is a very common problem, especially in today’s world where high performance components are used. This could cause severe damage to other components if left ignored.

Laptop overheating

Is your laptop fan making funny or loud noises? This could be the first sign of dust building up.

Call us today for free friendly advice if you are experiencing these problems.

It’s better to be safe than sorry!

Internet issues
 Are you having trouble connecting to the Internet?

Internet is used in our everyday lives, being stuck without it could effect many things. We understand this, therefore we can get a technician out to you on the day to solve your issue. Read More…

Wireless Issues
 Can’t pick up a wireless signal to connect to the Internet?

Wireless is the new generation of connecting laptops to the Internet. The two main concepts that allow the wireless to work is the laptop itself and the router that it connects to.

Wireless Computer Connection

If your having difficulty in configuring your wireless connection then give us a call for free advice. We could even come out to you, if preferred. Read More…

laptop restarting
 Does your laptop keep restarting or switching off on its own?

This generally occurs when your laptop doesn’t like its hardware or software or even both. It causes various conflicts with each other and ends up restarting or shutting down.

Give us a call and book an appointment, we will be able to diagnose exactly what is casuing the problem and correct it appropriately.

internet security
 How secure are you on the Internet?

Internet security is a big concern, as a lot of home users buy and sell items online.

Computer Security

Have you got a correctly configured firewall that prevents intruders from breaking in and reading personal information?

Can you be sure that no one is peeking through while you are typing your credit card credentials?

If you are uncertain about any Internet security issues, then e-mail or give us a call where we will be able to assist you further.