Install Windows

Installing Windows
 Installing Windows Operating System

A fresh installation of Windows is sometimes the best way to get your computer back to running at optimal performance. Maybe the software is just too damaged to repair and a fresh install is the best and most cost effective course of action.

Is there a right way and a wrong way? Of course there is!

Installing Windows straight over the top of what you have now might be the answer – but what if you are no better off, what if you have installed straight on top of a virus and have re-activated that virus?

For a top quality guaranteed installation this is what we do:

1. Back up any data that you want us to save and check for viruses
2. Low level format of your hard drive
3. Run a full hardware test on every component in your computer
4. Install Windows
5. Install all service packs and Windows updates
6. Install all system specific updates inc, graphics and sound
7. Install security software (optional)
8. Tweak system settings for security & performance
9. Run all applications to test system stability
10. Copy your data back
11. Defragment the system
12. Return the computer to you and advise you on system maintenance and security and make sure you understand what we have shown you!

It will now run like a dream!

installing a wireless router
 Installing a Wireless Router

Installing a wireless router can be a real nightmare if the correct steps are not taken.

Certain procedures need to be taken in order for your router to work effectively.

For a good and stable connection this is what we do:

1. Inspect the area and ensure you are free from any electrical interferences such as radios, telephones, televisions etc.
2. Inspect the computers/laptops to see how the router should be setup.
3. Install the routers software on the main computer if necessary .
4. Update routers firmware if needed.
5. Ensure there is a strong security key, to reduce the risk of hackers entering your computer.
6. Configure the firewall to ensure that unused ports are not open.
7. Test all machines and provide a demonstration on how the router works.

You are now ready to use the Internet!