Computer Support Kent

computer restarting
 Does your computer restart when it wants? Has it got a mind of it’s own?

This generally happens when your computer doesn’t like an action that has been performed.

It could be a hardware or a software related problem, but not to worry call us today and book an appointment, we will be able run various tests to see where the fault lies. Read More…

 Would you know if you had a virus?

Viruses can cause an excessive amount of destruction. If your anti-virus program is not configured correctly then you are at great risk.

Are you aware that some viruses could affect the way your anti-virus programs operates or it could even stop it from working completely.

Give us a call today and we will provide you with free advice. Read More…

internet issues
 The day you urgently need to use the Internet is the day it fails!

Internet is a common and a very useful tool and is needed in our daily lives.

To allow the Internet to work successfully on your computer certain protocols need to be configured correctly.

We understand how important the Internet may be, therefore we can send out a technician preferably on the day.

pc upgrades
 Want to make your computer faster?

Did you know that adding more memory speeds up the performance? Are you running out of hard drive space?


Call us today and we can advise you on what components need upgrading. We can generally get the components the following day. Read More…

blue screen errors
 While working on a big project… does a blue screen pop out of nowhere?

There are a few reasons to why your computer might get a blue screen. One of the main cases could be an indication that a hardware or software is failing.

Blue Screen Of Death

Call us today or bring your PC down to the office and we will be able to run diagnostic tests to see where the problem is and get your computer running normally again.

data recovery
 The worst has happend and you can’t find your data… Don’t panic!

Losing data could be one big nightmare. It is recommended that you back-up data in at least two different places and perform these back-up’s whenever you have made any changes to the content.

Just when you think all has failed, don’t worry call us today for free advice on the best solutions to recover your data. We will even try to recover the data on the day you phone. Read More…

health check
 Are you finding that your computer isn’t performing the way it did when you first bought it?

Computers work a bit like human beings, as they get older things start to slow down… But in the computer world there is always a way to fix things.

We can give your computer a full health check, clean out the unused files, speed up the processing time etc. We will make it work like new!

Call us today to book an appointment to have your computer tweeked up. Read More…

new computer setup
 Have you bought a new computer and would prefer to have it setup professionally?

Maybe you have bought a new computer and are totally lost with all the cables and cd’s – lack of user manuals etc.

Even if you have a fair understanding but know it’s better to get it exactly right from the start and would like a little expert help – you have made the first step to ensure a trouble free and smooth computing experience!!

Call us today to book an appointment to have your computer professionally setup. Read More…

custom built pc's
 Want a computer built exactly to your specification?

Do you find that when you buy a computer you don’t use half of the hardware and software built in your system, but still paying a lot of money to purchase it?

Custom Built PC

Look no further… You tell us what you would like your computer to do and we will build it exactly to your specification.

With our competitive prices and a well established relationship with our vendors we will be able to provide you with a 1st class quote. Read More…

network issues
 Can’t figure out how to share files and folders to other users in your home?

Having a simple network can save you time in transferring music, photos, documents etc. It is a very powerful and secure tool and if you have more than one PC in your home then call us today and book an appointment for one of our technicians to come out to you or just call for free advice. Read More…